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Why Choose a DTF Transfer?

Why Choose a DTF Transfer?

Are you a small business owner or hobbyist looking to expand to printing a variety of fabric items and also other merchandise, but you’re not sure which printing process is right for you?  Direct to Film (DTF) printing will likely, by far, be the best choice for you because the process can easily meet the needs of small, medium, or large printing needs.  If you have a small operation, DTF desktop printers, similar in size to a home office printer, are readily available from reliable companies such as Epson. If you’re looking to expand or increase your printing output, commercial printers are also readily available.  In either case, DTF transfers will be printed for you to then use to create your products.  However, in both cases, your budget will be seriously impacted.  

On the other hand, there’s another option.  You can purchase already-printed DTF transfers to meet your specific needs from reliable and experienced sources, such as *DTF Transfer Zone, that you can then utilize to print merchandise for your customers or your hobby/crafting needs.  Because of the excellent computer programs utilized by DTF printers, your designs can be transmitted digitally to DTF Transfer Zone and then returned safely to you for your immediate use. If you have several individual designs, DTF transfers will be printed and allow you to meet those individual orders or personal needs.  If you need multiple copies of a specific design, those transfers can also be easily printed to meet your needs.  In addition, DTF Transfer Zone has an impressive collection of transfer designs from which to choose. 

When you receive the DTF transfers you ordered, you only need to use a heat press to transfer the image to the desired product.  DTF transfers can be applied to all fabric blends and colors and to objects such as mugs, caps, and cutting boards. After the heat pressing process, the transfer sheets can be peeled away safely immediately (hot peel) or later after cooling (cold peel).  The DTF printing process results in sharp, vivid details because the image is printed directly to specialized film and then transferred via heat press to the merchandise.  Once transferred, the durability of the image is excellent.  By allowing DTF Transfer Zone to produce the images you need, you save production time and significant financial expenditures on equipment.  This seems like the very definition of a “win-win.”

*DTF Transfer Zone https://www.dtftransferzone.com