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What is DTF Transfer Zone

What is DTF Transfer Zone

What is DTF Transfer Zone?

DTF Transfer Zone is an experienced printing business dedicated to providing high quality digital heat transfers which meet the needs of your customers’ orders or of your personal hobby activities.  DTF Transfer Zone prides itself on highly responsive customer service, technical assistance, fast turnaround shipping, same-day shipping and order tracking. Whether you need assistance with placing your order, digitally submitting your design(s), effectively placing your designs on a gang roll sheet, acquiring DTF printer supplies, or getting an answer to any other question or issue, our staff will provide a quick and personal response, allowing you to continue with your projects.  

What does DTF Transfer Zone provide?

We provide assurance that when you  submit original digital images to us, you can be confident that your order will receive a timely response. DTF Transfer Zone is the ideal answer for large or small runs. No minimum quantity order is required.  If you have your own business, you will never have to turn customers away because they need just a few shirts or because the artwork is complicated with many colors and gradients on state-of-the-art commercial printers that offer industry-leading quality. We also provide unique ready-to-print transfer designs that appeal to animal lovers, horror movie enthusiasts, lovers of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, pop-art fans, devotees of historical figures/entertainment figures/world leaders, humorous sayings, and many more.] All of our transfers can be applied to all fabric blends and colors, resulting in a soft feel to the product.  

DTF Transfer Zone also offers custom printing services through the online designer on our website which allows you to upload your design, size it, and place the images as you would like them printed on the gang sheet or roll. 

A gang roll or gang sheet refers to printing multiple designs on the same transfer sheet in vacant, unused parts of the print sheet.  This saves on the amount of printing materials required and, as a result, saves on the cost for our customers. 

We offer 22 inch wide gang sheets that are 192, 120, 96, 60, or 24 inches long.  We provide instructions for the submission of your designs on our website and encourage your attention to this information so that we can provide exactly what you want and you can look forward to the finished design that you envisioned. Make sure to check out this quick video on how to prepare your gangsheet here

DTF Transfer Zone is also the go-to place for DTF printer supplies. The first item you need for your DTF printer is the specialized film and we offer that in a roll that is 23.6 inches wide and 325 feet long. Our film is suitable for use on a variety of fabrics (such as cotton and polyester) and a cold peel can be applied. DTF Transfer Zone also stocks premium white ink (900 ml) and premium CMYK ink (1 Liter). 

We also supply DTF Adhesive Powder that is specially formulated not only for use with all DTF ink and film brands but also for use with both manual shaking and automated systems with a shaker dryer.  Our powder, which is compatible with all ink colors, produces bright, vivid, and durable images and will not cause blockages to printers with automatic shakers.  

Your equipment is a very valuable commodity; therefore, we also stock a water-based printhead cleaning fluid that is safe and effective for cleaning printer heads and capping stations on your DTF printer.  This fluid leaves no residue on the printer elements and is non hazardous and drain safe.  

In summary, if you are looking to get onboard with the latest printing techniques to meet your printing needs, DTF Transfer Zone is definitely the place to go.  

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