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DTF Inks: A Detailed Introduction to DTF Printer Inks

DTF Inks: A Detailed Introduction to DTF Printer Inks

When it comes to printing out your own designs or making an impact on the DIY printing market, DTF printing and DTF inks are your best friend. There are a few benefits to using DTF printing services when you want to put together and print out a custom design that looks great and stands out. If you’re someone that cares about your brand and custom designs, then you don’t want to settle for less by going with inferior printing processes.

DTF printing is a method known as direct-to-film printing, which is an alternate printing process to traditional DTG printing. It uses DTF inks for the process that can don’t require pre-treatment, even for white color inks. This is a great choice for new and experienced businesses that place custom designs on fabrics and other surfaces with a variety of colors.

If you have an interest in exploring DTF printing and DTF print services, you should definitely learn more about DTF inks. Continue reading our guide for all everything you should know about DTF printer inks.

Difference Between DTF Inks and Everything Else

One of the biggest pros to using DTF printer ink is that it is a great option for newer businesses to choose when printing out items with a brand design. The colors from DTF printing have excellent quality and look vivid, while at the same time having a low cost to start. Not needing to pretreat items before applying ink also helps speed up the process when printing.

There are also several kinds of fabrics that DTF inks can be a good choice to use, including cotton and polyester. When put onto the surface of a fabric, the look is consistent and high-quality. Unlike traditional dyes, DTF ink is able to adhere to materials much better and is more permanent, lasting longer on printed items.

The Cost of Using DTF Ink

A lot of the cost of using direct-to-film inks will offset the amount of time you take to print. DTF inks can range from $50 to as high as $150, depending on what type of printing you plan on doing. While buying the ink can add up over time as you print, you’ll be able to save a lot of time by printing more without much delay beforehand.

Having your own DTF printer at home will bring up the cost more if you don’t use any outside DTF printing services. Printers that let you use DTF inks can cost as much as $700 to over $100, depending on the manufacturer and printer model that you look at.

An Introduction to DTF Inks

With our look at DTF inks and what they’re made for, you’ll have a good idea of how they can be beneficial they can be to any business. If you want to print items for your business and want a solid option that is efficient and low-cost, then utilizing DTF inks will be the best choice for you.

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