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8 Reasons Why DTF is Better Than DTG Printing

8 Reasons Why DTF is Better Than DTG Printing

As its very name suggests, the Direct To Film (DTF) printing process is as straightforward as its name indicates: one prints an image on a film and then transfers via a heat press to a fabric.  There are numerous advantages of DTF over Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. 


  • DTF allows almost unlimited fabric choices.
  • DTF requires no pre-treatment steps.
  • DTF provides the craftsperson the ability to produce approximately 4 times the output in the same workspace, when compared to DTG, because the printing process is faster, due to the absence of a pre-treatment step.
  • DTF is a quick and simple to use, thus not requiring highly skilled operators.
  • DTF results in low-output costs.
  • DTF prints result in sharper detail than DTG prints because the images are printed to a film instead of a fabric.
  • DTF printing is faster than DTG printing when doing multiple prints.  Most DTF printers can produce approximately 300 12”x12” images per hour compared to 20-60 per hour with a DTG printer.
  • DTF prints can usually allow stretching better than DTG and/or screen prints without cracking or separating.


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