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7 Things You Should Know About the DTF Printing Process

7 Things You Should Know About the DTF Printing Process

Are you new to the DTF printing process?  That’s OK, the process itself is new since about 2020.  Here are some basic things to know about Direct-To-Fabric (DTF) printing.


✓ As its name indicates, DTF printing involves printing an image on a film and then transferring that image, via a heat press, to a fabric.

✓ DTF films are available in the form of cut sheets, which can be used for a small scale use, and rolls, which are typically used in a larger, commercial operation.

✓ The films used in the DTF process allow for the transfer film to be peeled away safely from the heat pressing step a few moments later, after the pressed image has cooled (a cold peel).

✓ DTF printing is also faster than DTG printing when doing multiple prints.

✓ DTF prints result in sharper, vivid detail because the images are printed to a film instead of a fabric.

✓ Software is a key component in the DTF printing process.  The software can direct such things as the print characteristics, color performance of the inks, and image sizing, factors which contribute to optimal print results.

✓ The DTF printing process is easy to learn and does not require highly skilled operators.