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Cargue la imagen en el visor de la galería, Printhead Damper (Style 1)
Cargue la imagen en el visor de la galería, Printhead Damper (Style 1)

Printhead Damper (Style 1)

Vendedora Transfer 911
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Enhance the performance and durability of your wide format printer, specifically designed for use with Epson printheads, including the i3200 and 4720 models, by incorporating our Printhead Damper (Style 1). This sizable damper is precision-engineered to facilitate consistent ink flow and prevent printhead clogs, offering an array of advantages:

1. Perfect Compatibility: Tailored for wide format printers featuring Epson printheads, such as the i3200 and 4720 models, this damper seamlessly integrates into your printer system. It's designed to ensure a snug fit and seamless operation.

2. Efficient Ink Flow: The Printhead Damper is a critical component in maintaining a steady ink flow to the printhead nozzles. By safeguarding against air bubbles and contaminants, it guarantees smooth and dependable printing performance.

3. Clog Prevention: Through effective ink flow regulation, our damper significantly reduces the risk of printhead clogs. This extends the lifespan of your printhead, preserves print quality, and minimizes both downtime and maintenance expenses.

Elevate your wide format printer's ink flow and printing reliability when using Epson i3200 or 4720 printheads with our Printhead Damper (Style 1).